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In 2012, we started our own charity – Katalyst Foundation – as a way of contributing back to the world and upholding the ethical values of KOOKAÏ and its founders.
Katalyst, as the name implies, is an agent or force that brings about a permanent change. Our Foundation’s primary ethos is therefore to pursue charitable endeavours that bring about lasting change to break the cycle of poverty, rather than just providing temporary relief.
Katalyst’s approach to providing long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty in underdeveloped countries focuses on developing self-sufficient economies within communities by:
- Providing communities with new skills and trades;
- Teaching communities to maximise the use of their natural resources;
- Encouraging locally-led, community involvement;
- Providing a guaranteed marketplace for the sale of goods produced; and
- Providing the necessary infrastructure for healthy eating, drinking and living.

      We made the decision to start the Katalyst program in Fiji, not only due to it being the homeland of one of our founders, but also on account of Fiji being one of our closest neighbours and having an alarming 31% of its population living in poverty.  
      To date, Katalyst has directly funded the building of roads, schools, churches and water purification systems, and the provision of medical care in some of the less fortunate villages of Fiji. In addition to this, Katalyst has also set up a number of social businesses in Fiji, each providing training and employment and generating funds to help support Katalyst’s major infrastructure projects. Once we’ve made our desired impact on Fiji, we plan to take our model to other regions of the world where we feel we can make the biggest difference.
      Having experienced life at both ends of the financial spectrum, I concluded some time ago that money does not buy you happiness, but it has provided me with opportunities, experiences, and freedom that I may not have otherwise had.  I’ve observed the growing disparity between those blessed with the good fortune of opportunity and those who, through no fault of their own, are left in a cycle of perpetual poverty.
      Coming from one of the poorest island provinces in Fiji, I’ve seen charity groups come and go over the years; giving donations and aid that provide only a temporary solution. Without the skills and knowledge to break the cycle, we fall back into the same struggles all over again once they’ve left. This is why I developed Katalyst – the harvester of change - to equip communities with the resources, infrastructure and skills to become self-sufficient and work their way out of poverty once and for all. I want Katalyst to be the seed the plants the hope of the poor, the agent to awaken the conscience of their more fortunate neighbours through the virtue of charity.”  
      Rob Cromb, Founder of KOOKAÏ and Katalyst
      For more information on Katalyst please visit;
      Kookai Charity Katalyst Foundation Fiji
      Rebuild Fiji Appeal
      Katalyst in conjunction with Kookai has launched an appeal in support of the victims of tropical cyclone Winston - the category 5 storm that devastated the Fiji Islands on the 20th and 21st February 2016.
      For more information on the Rebuild Fiji Appeal please visit; 
      You can donate by:

      - Clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button below;
        All donations above $2 are fully tax deductible.
        Our founder, Rob Cromb, along with the Katalyst Foundation team travelled to one of the hardest hit islands to personally deliver supplies and help the island with rebuilding. We will continue to post photos and videos on our website to provide you with updates on how your generous donation has helped the people of Fiji.
        Update From Fiji - Rebuild Fiji Appeal
        For further information on the appeal or for donation of goods or services please contact:
        Rebuild Fiji Appeal